People Often Ask: What Is An Evaporative Cooler, And How Does It Work?

The heat from inside a house is moved to the outside by chemical refrigerant, which is found in most air conditioners in homes. But this isn’t the only way for a home to stay cool and comfortable in the summer. There are also evaporative coolers, which work in a different way than air conditioners do.

Evaporative Cooling Is How It Works

In this case, heat is lost through evaporation. When you’ve had evaporative cooling before, you know how it works. A breeze coming from across the water makes the air feel cooler against your skin when you’re near water. This is because evaporative cooling has caused the air to lose heat to the water, which is cooler than the air itself. Evaporative cooling has been used for a long time to help cool down hot areas. Ancient Egyptians used to hang wet reeds over windows to cool the air that came through them, and the Romans built fountains to do the same thing.

Modern Evaporative Coolers Use A Lot Of Water To Cool Down

A mechanical comfort system, known as an evaporative cooler, is used to cool down air outside a building. Water is used to cool it down, and then the water is sent into the ventilation system. An evaporative cooler is usually on the top of a house, and a fan draws hot air from outside into it, making it cooler inside. Cooler: The air goes through the cooler and over a set of pads that are kept wet by a set of pumps. In this example, the hot air cools down by transferring heat to the water. Then, the blower fan sends this cooled air into the house.

The Use Of An Evaporative Cooler May Have Some Benefits

Yes. Because an evaporative cooler doesn’t use refrigerant to cool the air, it uses less power and can save a lot of money on utility bills during the summer. It’s also good for a home that has a lot of dry weather because evaporative coolers add moisture to the air and that helps.

Because An Evaporative Cooler Is Made Of Water, It’s Not The Same As A Swamp Cooler

No. a Swamp cooler is just a different name for an evaporative cooler, but it is the same thing. It’s also a bad name because you wouldn’t want to use a swamp cooler in a swampy place. The more humid the air is, the less effective an evaporative cooler is because it’s hard to fill the air with cooler water if there’s already a lot of moisture in it.

Then, Does An Evaporative Cooler Work Well In Our Weather?

Yes! Even though we have a lot of humidity in the summer, it’s not as bad as in, where an evaporative cooler wouldn’t work. Because an evaporative cooler is not right for every home, this is very important: It’s great that evaporative coolers use less energy than standard air conditioners, but they may not be able to keep up with cooling needs in the same way. When installing a cooling system in a home, always let an HVAC professional do it.