Tips To Choose the Perfect Lighting Designs for Your Kitchen Island 

The kitchen is one of the most important areas of your house where most of the major tasks are carried out like cooking, eating, and socializing. Therefore, it is one of the focus areas of the house which needs perfect lighting. So, planning here is the first foremost thing that you need to do before you start with the lighting project.

Here are some steps to follow before you choose some lighting for your kitchen:

  1. Consider the size of your kitchen: This is the first and foremost step to take. As the kitchen island is a functional place for you and your family, it is important to give that special look and feel to the space. Therefore, you need to understand the right amount of light that you require along with the size of the fixture. Just as a general thumb rule, you need to have around 35-50 lumens per square foot. This will give enough light to your kitchen island.
  2. Choose the right type of light for your kitchen island: As you might have a lot of choices to select from, it will be confusing to choose the right one for the kitchen. Unlike the bedroom lights where you have one primary source of light, here the kitchen would require recessed lighting. So here are some examples of different lightings:
    1. Pendant lights: They are stronger task lighters for kitchen islands. The bulbs here are oriented specifically to shine bright down whereas the long cables are extended from the ceiling bringing the source light even closer for action. 
    2. Recessed lights: This is one clear and straight-line light for the kitchen area. This provides the right level of task lighting without consuming any headspace. 
    3. Linear Chandeliers: These are multi-light fixtures that are mainly rectangular or elongated in shape. They are widely stretched across the kitchen making it best for long kitchens. They go well with both the traditional as well as modern interiors. 

For options on selecting linear lighting, you can go through the website of Sofary. They have a wide range of linear lighting that can be perfect in design and usage. For example, their Glass Globe Chandelier light is made of modern glass chandeliers that are linear and unique in looks. Their light source is G9 Bi-Pin Bulbs (Max 7 watts LED).

  • Adding more ambient light: Just like any other room, kitchen islands require lights for the whole room too. Here comes the need for accent lighting that needs to be placed around the underside of your kitchen island. This is known as LED profile lighting. They are placed at the underside of the overhanging worksurface. This can illuminate the cupboards on your kitchen island while giving a contemporary look to your kitchen.

The general thumb rule to hang the kitchen island lighting is that it should be around 30 inches between the bottom of the fixture and the countertop. It also depends on the size of that lighting and the amount of light you require for your work. If you got smaller lights then they can be placed at shorter distances while bigger lights are placed at higher distances. Just make sure that the lighting doesn’t hit the head of any person who might be taller than others.